Both Locs and twists are gorgeous protective hairstyles. One thing that both have in common is the requirement for the proper styling and maintenance products to keep both your natural hair and the hairstyle in excellent condition. The most common product used in creating both Locs and twists is Atlas Haircare Organic Loc & Twist Cream.


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 The Organic LOC & Twist Cream at Atlas Haircare by Porsha is a perfect LOC & TWIST CREAM for everyone who desires defined, elongated loc styles or twists while maintaining moisture in their protective hairstyle. This is the combination of organic ingredients to promote healthy and manageable hair.

Both the Organic LOC & Twist Cream stimulate the process of moisturizing hair and sealing in moisture in all hair types including curly hair. Creating twists in the hair is the widely loved natural hairstyling that is more stable and fascinating by applying our Twist Cream at Atlas Haircare.

 The organic ingredients in Organic LOC & Twist Cream include Castor Oil Seed, Argan Oil, Coco Mango, and Burdock root, etc. which are known for their moisturizing, nourishing, and softening properties, providing essential nutrients to the hair and scalp. Because the product is formulated without synthetic chemicals, it doesn’t cause any harmful effects.

 Enjoy the versatile combination of Organic LOC & Twist Cream at Atlas Haircare and enhance natural curls or twists of your hair!


 Organic LOC & Twist Cream at Atlas Haircare has several benefits that make it a unique product in hairstyling. The product applies the sealing benefits of oils, and the hydrating effects of cream to keep the hair fully hydrated and reduce frizz, and breakage. The more benefits include:

 Improve Hair Health: The nourishing organic ingredients in Organic LOC & Twist Cream provide essential nutrients to promote overall hair health, softness, and manageability.

 Stable Hold of Twists: The well-defined and elongated curls or twists resulting from this product appear appealing and become long-lasting.

 Extra Natural Shine:  The Burdock Root and Hemp contain essential fatty acids that help promote hair shine and luster. Castor Oil Seed and Argon Oil are other blends in Organic LOC & Twist Cream for adding extra shine to hair.

 Not Sticky: When applied, the cream does not leave a sticky residue that could make the hair feel uncomfortable.

 Paraben-Free: It is sulfate and paraben-free and made from organic ingredients, without artificial fragrances or harsh additives. Therefore, it is safer and gentler on the hair and scalp without the risk of allergic reactions.

 Suitable for Everyone: The organic formulation of the cream makes it perfect for everyone including people with sensitive scalps or those who prefer natural hair care products. It overcomes the risk of scalp irritation.

 Using Atlas Organic Loc & Twist Cream for TWIST:

  •  Organic LOC & Twist Cream for TWIST is user-friendly and easy to work with. Here are the steps to apply:
  • Get your hair slightly damp with a spray bottle. You can also work with freshly washed hair. With a hair clip, divide your hair into sections, and apply the cream to the sections of your hair.
  • Begin twisting each section of hair with the help of your fingers after applying the cream and allow it to dry in the air. Then, carefully unravel the twists.
  • Finally, you can gently separate your hair to achieve the style desired.

 Using Atlas Haircare Organic Loc & Twist Cream for LOCS:

 Organic LOC & Twist Cream for LOCS requires more care even though it is not too complex to use. Here are the steps to apply:

  •  Get your hair slightly damp or wash it using Atlas Haircare Organic Shampoo. With a hair clip, divide your hair into sections, take a small amount of the Organic LOC & Twist Cream, rub it between your palms, and then apply it from the roots to the tips of your lock.
  • Start twisting smoothly with the help of fingertips or a tool to each loc for a perfect appearance.
  • Allow the hair to dry, and then Finally, you can style them according to your desire.

 It is good to take your Organic Loc & Twist Cream to your salon appointment and request your Loctician apply the cream to your locks to keep them healthy, strong, and hydrated.

 Organic Twisting Cream Ingredients:

 Burdock root, Hemp, Organic Aloe, Alma extract, Cetearyl Alcohol, Henna Extract, Castor Oil Seed, Argan Oil, and coco mango.

Formulated without: Parabens, Sulfates, Artificial Colors, Petroleum, or Mineral Oils. Vegan-friendly and Cruelty-free.