Atlas Haircare by Porsha Collection

Meet Porsha

When you come from a long line of curl-health professionals, you tend to grow up with really healthy hair. Likewise, when you grow up surrounded by several hair moguls, you’ll most likely start a hair care business of your own someday. Both of these are true in the case of organic hair-care entrepreneur, Porsha Catrell. 

I believe that our hair is an essential part of our heritage. It is something that we oftentimes inherit from those that come before us. In my case, not only did I inherit my hair from the women before me, but I also inherited a love for my hair. I inherited a passion for hair care. I inherited priceless knowledge on the best ways to care for my hair. I even inherited hair manipulation techniques, from using hot combs to straighten out my hair to using relaxers, and then finally learning the right ways to handle my hair so that it can always be at its best.

My hair and its care are integral parts of my heritage. I value and appreciate this heritage, my HAIR-ITAGE.

 Atlas Haircare by Porsha is for people of all HAIR-ITAGES. Textured hair, Afro hair, Curly hair, Coily hair, permed hair, Natural hair, Wavy Hair, Protective hair styles, Straight hair, Locs, whichever hair type or texture you have, Atlas Haircare will cater specifically to your hair needs.

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Atlas Haircare is not just about my story. It is about “our story” and our collective journeys towards healthy and beautiful hair. So, join the Atlas Haircare family today. What are you waiting for?


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