Locs & Twists

Twists, also known as two-strand twists, are a style that is super easy to achieve, all there being to do is to part out a section of hair, split it into two, and twist the two smaller sections around one another. You can get your twists done as thin or thick as you desire. It’s such an easy style that you don’t have to go to a salon to get it done; you can D.I.Y. your twists from the comfort of your home!

Dreadlocks, on the other hand, are ropes of well-maintained matted hair. They are also known as “Locs”. It takes a combination of time, patience, dedication, and financial investment to properly maintain your Locs so that they grow out healthily and beautifully. Unlike twists, you may not be able to D.I.Y. dreadlocks and you certainly can’t achieve them in a day. The loc journey, however, is often started by styling hair into two-strand twists.

Both Locs and twists are gorgeous protective hairstyles. One thing that both have in common is the requirement of the proper styling and maintenance products to keep both your natural hair and the hairstyle in great condition. The most common product used in creating both Locs and twists is a Loc & Twist Cream.


How to Use the Loc & Twist Cream.

The Atlas Haircare by Porsha Organic Loc & Twist Cream is a twisting cream that serves as a better alternative to beeswax with your loc and twist styles. The Loc & Twist Cream combines the moisturizing properties of hemp seed oil and the strengthening properties of Amla extracts to keep your Locs and twists in place and add ample moisture to your hair follicles. More benefits of our Loc & Twist Cream include:

  • It is a hydrating cream that doubles as a leave-in conditioner and styling product.
  • It does not have the sticky side-effects of beeswax when used to loc or twist.
  • It can also be used for an easy wash & go or a curl-popping twist out.
  • It washes out completely with shampoo and water.
  • It is sulfate and paraben-free.
  • It is organic and vegan friendly.
  • It is unisex.

Using the Organic Loc & Twist Cream for Twists.

Get your hair slightly damp with a spray bottle. You can also work with freshly washed hair. Apply cream to sections of hair, twist, and allow to air dry.

Using the Organic Loc & Twist Cream for Locs.

Take your Organic Loc & Twist Cream along with you to your salon appointment and request your loctician to apply the cream to your Locs to keep them healthy, strong, and hydrated.

The Atlas Haircare by Porsha Organic Loc & Twist Cream is available on our website and can also be shopped online at Walmart.

Loc Maintenance Tips.

  1. Regularly wash your scalp and Locs. Don’t wash your Locs too frequently to avoid drying them out, but don’t leave them unwashed for too long to avoid build-up, dandruff, or fungus. Ask your loctician for the best wash timing for you.
  2. Condition and oil your Locs. The Atlas Haircare by Porsha Organic Loc & Twist Cream is a great conditioning cream for your Locs. A hot oil treatment once a month will also work wonders for your Locs.
  3. Avoid certain products, like products with perfume and the bad alcohols that will dry out your Locs.
  4. Massage your scalp often. This will stimulate more blood flow to your scalp and roots for gorgeous, healthy Locs.
  5. Drink lots of water and eat nutritious food. This will also contribute to keeping your Locs in great shape.