What is Co-Washing?

Shampoos and hair cleansing products can be divided into four (4) major types: clarifying shampoos, chelating shampoos, moisturizing shampoos, and co-washes. Each one of these shampoo types serves a different purpose and is suitable at different points in time for different people.

In this post, our main focus is co-washes and co-washing. A washing method that has become so popular in the Naturalista community for its super hydrating effects, we will be exploring exactly what co-washing is and why you should be co-washing your hair if you aren’t already.

What is Co-Washing?

Simply put, co-washing involves making use of a conditioner, cream cleanser, or other co-wash product to wash your hair. This washing method gets rid of excess product buildup and dirt while sealing in moisture to your strands.

Generally, any product used to co-wash hair is mostly free of the harsh, lathering ingredients typically used in shampoos. The most common examples of these ingredients are sulfates and parabens.

The Benefits of Co-Washing:

Co-washing cleanses your hair without making it feel dry. This is great for people who wash their hair on more than a weekly basis. For example, if you’re someone who works out a lot and sweats a lot, and you prefer to wash your hair after every workout session, co-washing will prevent your hair from drying out due to frequent washing.

Co-washing merges both your shampoo and conditioner steps during wash days. Hence, it also makes your washes less time-consuming, especially if you wash your hair quite often.

Lastly, co-washing is a great option for people who require gentler or milder hair products. For instance, babies, children, people with dry or brittle hair, and people whose skin is sensitive to certain harsher ingredients present in other shampoo types.

Shampoo vs Co-wash:

Among all four types of shampoos, co-washes are the mildest with the least stripping power.

There are times when your hair will need a deep cleanse with a clarifying shampoo or chelating shampoo. There are also times when what is best for your hair will be a moisturizing shampoo or co-wash. It is important to keep track of your hair needs to ensure that you’re using the right products for your crown at any given point.

NOTE: Avoid strictly co-washing your hair, especially if you make use of styling products such as gels, mousses, etc. in your hair. Entirely replacing other wash methods with co-washing can cause cumulative damage over time. Hence, the key is to give your hair a full shampoo cleanses every few weeks or once a month. Then make use of co-wash products for cleanses in between these shampoo days.

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You’ll know an amazing co-wash conditioner by 2 things: mild ingredients, and ingredients that both add and seal in moisture to the hair.

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