Top 5 Hairstyles for the Winter in 2022

‘Tis the season, and we at Atlas Haircare are getting into the Christmas spirit just as we know most of you are. Now that the cold weather has set in and everyone’s fashion choices are—out of necessity—narrowed down to basic warm and cozy attire, we still want something about each one of us to stand out beautifully. It’s an extravagant season; so even if our clothes may have to be ordinary, our hair doesn’t have to!

Remember, however, that winter is generally harsh on hair, regardless of your hair type or texture. So, while you may want your hair to look super stylish, you’ll also want it to stay healthy and well-protected against the elements during this period. In this post, we’ll be providing you with the top 5 hairstyles to try out this winter, as well as helpful tips to keep your hair in great condition—even in the freezing cold!


1. Ponytails

You can hardly ever go wrong with a ponytail. Today, there are so many ponytail styles that you can choose from beyond the regular high or low single pony. Depending on your preferences and what you’re more comfortable with, you can have a ponytail that’s as long as waist-length, or simply stick to something as short as a low bun. There’s the grownup version of the pigtail ponies to give you a playful yet still sophisticated look. There’s the bubble ponytail, a ponytail strapped with a bow, the flipped-end ponytail, undone ponytail, twisted ponytail, braided ponytail, kinky ponytail, and a fancy-classy ponytail with a side swoop at the front.

The thing about ponytails is that you can have fun with them and still achieve a perfect classy winter look however you opt to style and accessorize yours. Nevertheless, be very careful that your ponytails aren’t packed too tight so that the style doesn’t cause your hair to break.


2. Bantu Knots

 Bantu knots are a good year-round hairstyle, especially for the girls that love a gorgeous natural hairstyle. But when it comes to wintertime, Bantu knots become particularly ideal because of their protective nature. The style helps to seal moisture into your strands so that elements such as dry air, snow, wind, and rain don’t dry out your tresses. In addition, Bantu knots keep your hair up. This keeps your hair ends from rubbing against coats, scarves, and any other clothing items, avoiding any friction that can lead to breakage.

Bantu knots give you a lovely look (especially when paired with red lipstick!), are an excellent protective hairstyle, and if you ever want to take them down, you can also get a fluffy, loose-curl-definition style afterward. Talk about a two-in-one!


3. The Braid + Ponytail Hybrid

Winter is a fairytale season. Everything from the lights and decorations you see on the streets to the outbreaks of carols, plays, and gift-giving are all elements that have made this time of the year something of a storybook classic. And so in line with the classic undercurrents of the season, we’d recommend that our braid lovers take a more chic approach to their favorite hairstyle with this braid + ponytail hybrid style.

This style consists of feed-in braids as the base of the ponytail; you could have regular, same-size feed-ins, or a mix of large and small feed-ins for this section, both of which you can choose to accessorize with gems or pearls. Then for the braid ends, you can either let them fall in a long ponytail or roll them up into a bun for a more formal look.


4. Twists

Twists are another beautiful protective style for natural hair. Whether you have your hair twisted out on its own or you make use of add-ins for some extra length and volume, twists are a style that will suit curly/coily hair types stunningly regardless. They’re also a super easy style that you can do at home if you want. You can have them in for weeks on end and style them whichever way you please. They’re the perfect style if you’re looking for something to retain the bouncy look of your curls while still keeping them protected.


5. Go Bold with a Short Crop!

A short crop is one of the coolest hairstyles that people of all ages can wear. With this style, you have the discretion to go as low with the haircut as you want. Furthermore, you get to be able to easily leave out your hair in an afro (if it’s curly or coily) or a short bob (if it’s straight). You can also go to town styling your short crop with accessories such as headbands, hair clips, head ties, bows, barrettes, hair jewels, and more.


Hair Care Tips for the Winter.

  1. Wear a hat if you’re going outside. To avoid damage from friction with your hair, use hats that are lined with silk or satin on the inside.
  2. Lower the water temperature when you shower or wash your hair. This is because hot water will rob your hair of its moisture, making it more susceptible to damage. Use warm water when washing your hair with a hydrating shampoo like Atlas Haircare Organic 3 in 1 Co-Wash Conditioner, and rinse with cold water afterward. In the same vein, also avoid too much heat styling.
  3. Wet hair in the winter will freeze and break. Thus, one of the few times we’ll ever advise blow drying your hair is when leaving your house in freezing weather.
  4. Opt for protective styles. Because your hair needs all the protection it can get against the elements in this season.
  5. Use oil treatments to replenish any lost moisture or nutrients. Atlas Haircare’s Moroccan Castor Oil Growth Balm, Root Strengthening Growth Oil, and Vitamin E Oil are the perfect oil treatments to keep your hair and scalp healthy and nourished in the winter.


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