Managing Frizz-Free Hair in Summers: What You Should Know about Summer Hair Care

Even though winter is officially over, its effects on our hair could still be felt. Strands can become dry, and brittle after months of cold weather and artificial heat. Before you know it, spring is quietly slipping into your life and bringing with it a host of new problems, such humidity, sun exposure, and hair loss.  Keeping things honest, it's reasonable to assume that everyone could use some guidance on keeping their hair hydrated and shiny specially during the hot lazy days of summers. Continue reading for a list of our top hair care oils and a homemade hair mask recipe for each one to make sure your hair is ready for its big reveal!


Trim Away Winter Damage

Be ready to change your entire hair care routine the moment you notice a shift in the weather. However, everything requires a fresh start, therefore we recommend that you clip away the previous season's hair to give your hair a fresh start. A new haircut at the beginning of spring not only eliminates damage but also improves the look of your hair. Here's a little secret: if you intend to grow your hair out, cutting it every 8-9 months might actually make it grow quicker.

Switch to a Lightweight Shampoo and Conditioner

Hair care expert Dr. Yoram Harth states that shampooing and conditioning your hair three times a week is the best solution. Spring raises humidity, resulting in greasy hair and scalp. It can lead to dandruff, irritation, dry hair, and, most importantly, hair loss. The stronger, healthier, and more energized your hair, the less likely it will fall out. To keep your hair from feeling heavy, use a lightweight shampoo and conditioner. The Atlas Haircare Moisturizing Regrowth Shampoo is intended to awaken the scalp and encourage new hair growth while avoiding future damage.

Introduce Oiling in Your Routine

Hair care begins at the root since a healthy scalp leads to strong hair, and our favorite oil for scalp health is Atlas Haircare's Root Strengthening Growth Oil.  One of the most noticeable advantages for hair is its capacity to unclog hair follicles and nourish the roots, allowing for healthy hair development. To increase blood flow and encourage hair growth, gently massage this regeneration oil into your scalp when oiling. A good scalp massage can remove flakes and buildup while also increasing blood flow, which will improve circulation and hair development.

Protection from Sun and Hair Tools

Remember that, just like your skin, your hair too needs protection from damaging UV radiation when the sun gets brighter. Seek for UV protection in hair products. In order to protect your hair from the sun when spending a lot of time outside, you can also think about donning a fashionable hat or scarf. Air drying your hair is a great way to embrace its natural texture. Try braiding your hair while it's still damp and letting it dry for effortlessly beachy waves if you want to add some curls or waves.

 Give your hair the care and attention it needs to embrace the changing of the seasons. Cheers to gorgeous, healthy hair throughout the spring!